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The company SYSlink based on years of experience, offers optimal and consistent with the expectations of its customers solutions for the implementation of systems and services required for the effective operation of the company. In order to successfully complete this type of deployments, it is necessary to prepare and apply a reliable hardware platform based on modern and proven technologies. Taking into consideration the above assumptions and the requirements of our clients we bring you a comprehensive offer including:


Selection, sale and configuration of servers:

  • TOWER / WORKSTATION - for small ad medium offices,
  • RACK - used in more advanced environments,
  • BLADE - used in professional server rooms where scalability, performance and manageability are needed,


Matching the optimum and high-performance data space in the form of disk arrays in a different kind of types::

  • SAN,
  • Fibre Channel,
  • iSCSI,
  • NAS.


To better utilize all of IT resources currently used by our clients SYSlink is offering You "full virtualization of the IT environment" scenario. This process relies on launching multiple operating systems using only one physical machine and sharing its resources between themselves at the same time with the maximum highest possible performance. For this purpose, we are successfully using three of today's leading providers of this type of solutions:

  • VMWare ESX / ESXi,
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (including CORE version),
  • Citrix XENServer.


Being at the topic of virtualization, it is also worth mentioning that we specialize in consolidation of this types of environments too. We are doing it by combining individual units into clusters and even server farms providing them uninterrupted working (using on-the-fly replication for instance) what brings measurable benefits in form of no downtime at work and thus it optimizes the company costs.