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Corporate Emergency




Speed and reliability of operation are the hallmarks of SYSlink company. For all of our Clients, we are providing the highest level of our services in the shortest possible time. Unlike to our competitors our "Emergency" is not only handling the support for an individual customer only but primarily provides professional corporate help which is a key matter in these days.


The range of our services includes:

  • Emergency server startup (after a critical failure);
  • Servers replacement "hot-swap / quickly / temporarly" - reanimations without having a professional server hardware (on so-called "Ordinary PCs");
  • Recover lost configurations or creating them from the beginning, with having only basic kinds of information about infrastructure ("I only know this one worked like that and that one worked differently");
  • Modification and recovering of different types of databases;
  • Quick / on-the-fly replacement of hard drives in servers (Smaller to bigger, larger to smaller);
  • Help with ERP systems for small and middle companies (SAGE Symfonia, INSert Subiekt, Asseco WF-MAG, Commarch Optima etc.) - also in contacts with the technical support of software manufacturer (as so-called "translator");
  • Restore networks to working order after crashes or configuration mistakes;
  • Help in sudden breakdowns of software dedicated for specialist work;
  • Changes in security policies (Group Policy in Active Directory for instance);
  • Troubleshoot and updates of web and email servers;
  • Full range of support in virtualized environments;
  • Restore VPS and dedicated servers to working order;
  • Emergency switching to temporary servers and network elements;
  • Failover from a primary location to a secondary disaster recovery (DR) location.


Our Emergency operates 24/7 all over Poland. Response time does not exceed 24 hours (taking into consideration arrival time).


In such cases the price per one working hour is determined individually, but is not less than 150pln + cost of travel + potential spare parts costs.