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Programming services




Despite the wide range of available applications on the market, often there is a situation where you need a specifically designed functionality. Programs offered by the commercial manufacturers pretentiously called universal often have no such functionality or there is a need to upgrade them to a more expensive version for having it (versions which could be full of unwanted or unnecessary options). Business justification for such type of the solution can be included in colloquial comparing to "shooting from the cannon to the flies".

In response for this type of situations and the market needs SYSlink company has prepared its own, small and customizable software development offer. Our proposition is addressed to everyone who has its own individual needs in terms of development of simple and small applications and modification of existing ones without purchasing more licenses or upgrading them to the higher versions.


The scope of such types of our services includes (among others):

  • Database applications for desktops and servers based on C++, C#, Visual Basic and Delphi programming languages;
  • Database applications accessed via the web browsers based on HTML, PHP, javascript, jquery and .NET technologies;
  • Writing the macros used for data processing in excel or access files;
  • Modifying commercial ERP systems;
  • Other programming services;