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IT Outsourcing




The company SYSlink offers its clients comprehensive IT support, with particular emphasis on the individual needs of both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations in which the failure of IT systems can lead to huge, difficult to make up losses. Having highly qualified staff, we can provide you with proven and reliable solutions.


As a part of ours offer, we provide the professional IT services directed to
companies and institutions, which includes:

  • Typical helpdesk ("Oh my god, my printer stopped working. Help!"),
  • Accounting software support – PŁATNIK, E-PFRON, E-DEKLARACJE and much more (Help with obtaining and servicing different types of qualified certificates and supporting digital sending the documents to Social Security),
  • CRM / ERP systems support (installation, configuration and administering),
  • Company's computers management (software legality checks, antiviruses actions, licensing),
  • Company's servers management (email server, Active Directory, hosting servers, private cloud, etc.),
  • Company's network management (scattered locations, gateways configurations, internet security),
  • Advising on infrastructure upgrading and changing,
  • Consultancy on ERP systems selecting,
  • ERP systems implementation and configuration,
  • Mobile devices software updates and securing,
  • Supplies for printing, copying and multifunctional devices,